Web Hosting

Speednet Group offers custom, high-quality Web hosting solutions for select clients.

Rather than becoming just another plain-wrapper template hosting provider, we focus on clients seeking a high-end server-based solution housed in a Tier-1 data center.

Our typical Web hosting clients know a good deal about technology, and don't require "newbie" hosting support.  They want a simple annual payment plan in return for complete control of a secure Web server with a high-bandwidth Internet connection.

Our data center is located in the heart of the Unites States — Dallas, Texas — with multiple redundant Internet connections, providing excellent coast-to-coast response times.

We can provide either a virtual server hosted on a high-powered server, or a dedicated hardware server.  In both cases, you will have complete, exclusive control of the server with no interference from us.

Because we are not a dime-a-dozen commodity hosting provider, all of our pricing is customized to you.  We will discuss your needs and come up with a pricing plan that fits.

To get started by discussing your Web hosting needs, please contact us.