Data Feeds

Lottery Results Data Feed

As one of the biggest consumers of lottery data in its Lottery Post Web site, it was only natural that Speednet Group construct the ultimate lottery data feed service to provide the data directly.

Early on, we tried using one of the online companies that advertised a lottery data feed on their Web site, and we were impressed by their list of "clients"  What we found, however, is that you can't trust a list of clients' logos, because the quality of the data was far below what we needed.

In fact, our monitoring and maintenance of the data feed became so over-bearing, that we were driven to create our own data feed — the right way.

The key ingredients to a lottery results data feed?  Speed and quality.

When you see corporate logos as "clients" of a data feed, ask yourself, "Are those companies really impacted if their data has errors?"  All too often, companies that provide data do not have to live with the consequences of poor data quality, nor do they understand the finer points of how the data will be used, and why it's so important to be just right.

With Speednet Group's lottery data feed, the winning numbers are among the quickest available, and are of the highest accuracy available.

Data is available in XML format, in plain text (comma- or tab-delimited), as pre-built HTML, and as directly embeddable JavaScript files, served from Speednet's Web servers.

We have the finest technology platform for consistent delivery of results, every single day.  Our redundant backup servers in three countries ensure that the data will be delivered.