Software projects developed by Speednet Group.


Plugin for TinyMCE rich text editor

An open source plugin module for the TinyMCE rich text editor.  TinyAutoSave is a simple, elegant solution that allows users to rescue content that is lost when they accidentally click the wrong button or press the wrong key, something that happens all too often when editing in a Web browser.

It is a pure JavaScript solution that takes advantage of the very latest storage technologies in modern Web browsers.


Watermark plugin for jQuery

Simple yet powerful plugin for jQuery

This simple-to-use jQuery plugin adds watermark capability to HTML input elements.

A watermark typically appears as light gray text within an input element whenever the input element is empty and does not have focus.  This provides a hint to the user as to what the input element is used for, or the type of input that is required.

This plugin lets you specify the text that will be used for the watermark, and optionally you can supply your own CSS class name that will be applied to the input element every time the watermark is shown.

In addition, this plugin allows you to change the watermark text and/or class name any time after the watermark is initialized.  One of the examples included with the plugin demonstrates this capability by showing a watermark that doubles as a countdown timer.

Handles drag-and-drop into watermarked entry spaces, as well as native browser support for watermarks ("placeholder") in Safari and Chrome.


TopZIndex plugin for jQuery

Useful, lightweight plugin for jQuery

This jQuery plugin adds less than 400 bytes to a Web page, yet will quickly become a very handy part of your jQuery library.

Inspired by a blog post by .NET legend Rick Strahl, the TopZIndex plugin will instantly move one or more DOM elements to the highest z-index on a page. Or, you can find the highest z-index number currently on a page.


ContinueIf plugin for jQuery

Simplifies and shortens conditional code

This tiny plugin can add tremendous readability and simplication to your jQuery code.  Instruct jQuery to continue chaining functions only if a boolean expression is true, and then use .end() to go back to executing regardless of the boolean expression — all in one unbroken chain.  Simple and elegant!


Unwrap plugin for jQuery

Fulfills an oddly-missing need in jQuery

This jQuery plugin removes the immediate parent/wrapping element from each element of the matched set — the opposite of jQuery's .wrap() method.  jQuery 1.4 now includes an .unwrap() function, which operates like this plugin's .unwrapInner() function.  jQuery still does not have an equivalent to .unwrap() in this plugin.


Lottery Results Gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Delivers lottery results to your desktop

First released back in November 2007, this unique software was the first of its kind, and to this day no one has come close to offering something similar.

Simply put, this tiny marvel of programming automatically delivers the latest lottery results right to you, within a minute or two of their publication.  Just tell it which games to deliver, and it handles everything else without any further input from you.

Clever touches include sound effects accompanying the delivery of new results, expanded view, adjustable size and fonts, help guide, and fully hyper-linked directly to additional game and results detail available on the Web.

No lottery player should be without the Lottery Results Gadget.